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The FFAA would like to express our deepest condolences to the Bouley family

In memory of Bob Bouley. Passed away April 6, 2022 at age of 88.

Bob and Jan lived most of their married lives in Fairport, NY where they raised their seven children. (JoEllen-Class of ’78, Mary Jane -’80, Tim-‘81, Kurt-’83, Pete-’84, Kent-’86 and Sarah-Class of ’89). Bob was very active in the Fairport High School Boosters. He could often be found, with his Red Raider hat on, attending Boys and Girls basketball games, Softball games, Soccer Games or Football Games. Sadly in 1986 he lost his son Kent in an auto accident. From there the ‘Bouley/Clifford Scholarship’ was created in their memory. Once a Raider always a Raider.”

Bouley/Clifford Memorial Scholarship

This award is given in memory of Kent Bouley, Jim Clifford, and David Clifford who were all killed in a tragic car accident in 1986. Kent and Jim were seniors and David was a sophomore at the time of the accident. All three boys played Football for FHS and were caring, energetic, charismatic kids with a zest for life. This award is given to a senior Football player who exemplifies these qualities.

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